Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where Has the Time Gone?

wow!  i think that this is the longest that i have gone without blogging!   so what have we been up to?  lots and lots!   we have spent a lot of time traveling back and forth to pensacola, house searching, as well as just everyday life.   living apart from tim has really taken it's toll on me!  i am one tired mama; fortunately that is all about to come to an end!!!!   a couple of weeks ago, tim said that we had about 3 more weeks before we needed to look into renting our home if it did not sell; UGH!   praise GOD that within the past 2 weeks, our house FINALLY sold, and we have a contract on a new home in pace!  

as happy as i am to be reuniting our family after these LONG 6 months of living apart, it is still a time of great sadness as well.  i am moving away from my hometown; i was born and raised here.  tim and i moved back here when ethan was 3 months old, and he just turned 19!!!!   my parents are here, and are getting older; my sisters are here; our friends are here!    but we know that God provided this opportunity for us, and that HE is in control.  He goes before us, and He has great plans for us (jeremiah 29:11).

i realize that i do not blog when i am feeling blue. that's why it's been 2 months since my last post. but i'm doing my best to get back; this may be more of a journal for the next couple of months about our move, who knows? but i'm SURE that you have missed cute pics of my boys..... wink, wink! so here's a quick pictorial update!   thanks for reading.....

one of our favorite traditions, decorating Easter eggs together!

enjoyed a wonderful visit with my bestie susan!!!

forrest had belt promotion.... this was fun!

hanging with my peeps!

field day!!!!  

ethan and i climbed the pensacola lighthouse.....
a favorite thing to do!

the significance of this picture is that this is the first time
i can remember wyatt actually communicating that
he wanted to do something....
everyone else had gone up in marine one, he wanted to as well!!!! 

ethan and wyatt..... he loves his brothers!

all my guys together = 1 happy mama!!!

me and the love of my life!!!  
we are SO ready to live together again full time!!!!