Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lovin' My Birthday Celebrations!!!

for those of you who don't know me in real life, i am like a small child when it comes to my birthday.....and anyone else's birthday too!   i believe in celebrating long and hard!!!   celebrating as much as i can!   why not???   who cares that i am a year's inevitable!  everyone else ages each year as well....

i turned 46 on monday, although i still feel like i'm about 22 for some reason....  anyway, since we were all together on saturday, we (i) decided that it would be my "pretend" birthday, because tim would not be here for my "real" birthday!   so we spent the entire day together as a family!   first we got to see forrest get his belt promotion to purple best, which was a fun time!  then we headed out for some lunch and shopping!

we went out to the beach area and ate at "reggae j's island grill" at pier park.   we ate on the porch area, it was such a beautiful day, with a view of the gulf!   i had one of my favorites, coconut shrimp, and they were delicious!   it was a terrific meal!   the guys then took me to "jake's at the beach" so i could get a new "life is good" t-shirt.   if you don't have one....they are THE SOFTEST T-SHIRTS EVER!!!   we also sampled a little fudge at a candy shop and just wondered a bit!  

then we went down and walked on the beach for a few minutes!   there was hardly anyone out there, but it was such a beautiful day!   about 70 degrees and breezy....NICE!!!    to wrap up our fun time, we stopped at "david's sno balls" for my velvet stuffed sno ball!!!  yummalicious!!!  

anyway, we continued shopping the day away instead of opting for a late nap, and i accomplished almost everything on my list!   it was a lot of fun, and we concluded the day with pizza!   no cooking or cleaning for me.....well maybe a little!  lol!   a great day all the way around!

not that that finished the celebration.....on monday, april and clayton took wyatt and i to brunch at ihop!  it was delicious!!!   i had the holiday pancakes meal with pumpkin praline pancakes....oh my!!!!   DELISH!!!   my parents took the boys and i to outback for supper, and although my steak was not the best, it was still a great dinner!    and the boys gave me new charms for my bracelet! 

and today i received a beautiful red Christmas cactus from my friend, wyatt's ot, stacy for my birthday..... it just keeps going!  my in-town girlfriends took me out to lunch today too!  it was yummy and we laughed A LOT!!!   

so this "kid at heart" had a lovely birthday week of celebration!   hope you enjoy your birthday as much as i enjoyed mine!  blessings......

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kids With Down Syndrome Like Santa Too! More Alike than Different!

wow....where do i start?  i cannot believe that it has been almost a month since i last posted!  that terrific thanksgiving adventure really took it out of me!  lol!   it was a wonderful time visiting with family and friends!   but 9 days is a LONG time to travel!  we were received most graciously in 4 different homes as we travelled through 5 different states, driving almost 1900 miles!  whew!   it was a totally terrific adventure!  

so here we are, in the midst of Christmas preparations.....and getting ready for my birthday!   i'm like a little kid when it comes to birthdays!   i LOVE birthdays and celebrating them!   i will be 46 on the 19th of december.....and proud of every year!!!  

 i have lots of catching up to from our trip and all.....but thought i'd share some cute Christmas pics of wyatt with santa at our recent early intervention Christmas party!  i have never seen a child more enamored with santa than wyatt was!   on our trip he saw santas from alabama to texas...and loved them all!  no fear there (yet)!!!    the santa at the party was super terrific with him.....most graciously did not mind wyatt hanging out at his feet most of the afternoon!    enjoy!