Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kids With Down Syndrome Like Santa Too! More Alike than Different!

wow....where do i start?  i cannot believe that it has been almost a month since i last posted!  that terrific thanksgiving adventure really took it out of me!  lol!   it was a wonderful time visiting with family and friends!   but 9 days is a LONG time to travel!  we were received most graciously in 4 different homes as we travelled through 5 different states, driving almost 1900 miles!  whew!   it was a totally terrific adventure!  

so here we are, in the midst of Christmas preparations.....and getting ready for my birthday!   i'm like a little kid when it comes to birthdays!   i LOVE birthdays and celebrating them!   i will be 46 on the 19th of december.....and proud of every year!!!  

 i have lots of catching up to from our trip and all.....but thought i'd share some cute Christmas pics of wyatt with santa at our recent early intervention Christmas party!  i have never seen a child more enamored with santa than wyatt was!   on our trip he saw santas from alabama to texas...and loved them all!  no fear there (yet)!!!    the santa at the party was super terrific with him.....most graciously did not mind wyatt hanging out at his feet most of the afternoon!    enjoy!  

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  1. Super cute!! We are adopting two little ones with down syndrome from Eastern Europe. We can hardly wait to bring them home and watch them have their first Christmas complete with learning the true meaning behind Christmas, but also enjoying presents and Santa.