Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday.....What A Wonderful Beach Day!

today wyatt and i were able to "run away from home" for a few hours!  even though we are blessed to live less than 10 miles from the beach, we do not spend a lot of time there!    thankfully there are times that friends come to visit our beautiful beaches and we get to enjoy the beach with them!   today was one of those days....  my dear friend cassie and her family (including wyatt's girlfriend brennan) rented a cottage at seaside, and we met them at the beach for a couple of hours of fun in the sun!     wyatt and brennan LOVED the beach!  they had a great time playing in the sand, and would have been in the water a LOT more if it hadn't been so chilly!    and i sat, played, relaxed, and let wyatt pour sand on me..... and enjoyed our time together with our precious friends.....


  1. Must be sooo nice to live that close to the beach. :-) Beautiful - I can almost feel the warm air (even though it's inexplicably sleeting here at the moment)!

    What a couple of cutie patooties Wyatt and Brennan are!!

  2. I'm so jealous! I wish we lived close to the beach...and YOU!