Friday, May 28, 2010

Learning to Crawl is Hard Work!

did you know that learning to crawl is hard work? i'd forgotten, or maybe didn't even notice with ethan and forrest. i guess it came much more naturally for them! i don't remember it being a big deal for them....i do remember that they were both walking by this point in their young lives! of course with wyatt's down syndrome, those milestones might (will) come a little later!

wyatt is 10 3/4 months old, and we are working really hard at crawling! REALLY HARD! "mama's almost too old for this" hard! haha! it really takes 2 of us to practice this effectively! one on the pushing end (feet), and one on the enticing end (in front w/toys to entice him!) his physical therapist had to tell me last week (nicely) that we will HAVE TO PUT HIM ON THE FLOOR for him to be able to learn to crawl. i know that, but he doesn't like it, so before then we gave in too easily, and just picked him up when he even whimpered! they told me this week that he may even have to get a little unhappy to make it happen. but no one likes to hear him cry in this house! when he cries, which is seldom, everyone hears......because he screams!

wyatt usually prefers to pull himself up with our hands and "walk" than practice crawling! his physical and occupational therapists say he might just walk and skip crawling....he much prefers us holding his arms and him taking steps, which is sooooo cute! but, i took their advice yesterday and put him on his blanket w/toys surrounding him, just out of his reach and left him there to fix supper. we had some success......he pivoted a lot and even SCOOTED backwards about 18 inches! yay! that's progress! and he was EXHAUSTED!!! :)


  1. I feel for you Penny, but you keep it up! You are the best Mama Wyatt could have asked for. God knew you would "push" him so he would have the best opportunities. I expect great things from Wyatt and love hearing about the milestones as he reaches each one.
    Love you bunches, little Wyatt!
    Genelle McDonald-Brown

  2. Penny...

    Our Wyatt has belly/army crawled for over a year..and is pulling up to stand..the lil stinker will crawl on hands and knees when no one is looking...Can't wait to get the boys together to play :)