Sunday, May 9, 2010

So Glad I'm a Mom!

today has been a great mother's day... my first as the mom of 3 boys! church was amazing this morning...i was blessed to be asked to sing a song that i sang about 12 or so years ago; "watercolor ponies" by wayne watson. a sweet song about your kids growing up... there were more than a few tears shed! especially by our middle, sensitive son, forrest....he could hardly stand himself! (i don't think he's ready to grow up!) but the choir also sang an amazing song "we will remember...." it was awesome! and i was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the praise and worship portion of both morning services! woo-hoo! great day!

we enjoyed lunch with my parents and both sisters and their families. it was a truly beautiful day; we grilled steaks and really enjoyed our time together!

so i'm just winding down from a great mother's day...except the part where i was grumpy....i'm sure this doesn't happen to anyone else on their special day, right? where you look around the house and see all that needs to be done (that you should have done in your spare time last week...) and start stomping around doing it. yep, it's not pretty, but it happened. i'm not proud of it, but i'm being honest! tim managed to calm me down and i was able to move on....

i'm so thankful that God blessed me with motherhood; 3 precious boys that He gave us! i'm so glad that He knew better than we did that we needed 1 more son...precious wyatt to add to big brothers ethan and forrest! i'm glad that He is in control and has great plans for me!

better go finish that laundry.....


  1. I'm glad church was so wonderful today, and I am also glad that you were grouchy.:-) I was a little too. LOL! Feeling sorry for myself or something! God Bless You Penny Putman... you put a smile on face and for that I AM GREATFUL!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful service. I was grumpy, too, btw and had a pity party about having to "share my day" with my mil and mom. Isn't that awful? Ugh. I can be so incredibly selfish, sometimes.