Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grandmother's Love

as i was browsing through new backgrounds for my blog, i wasn't quite ready to commit to fall yet (these 95+ degree days are not helping me get in the "fall mood!"...i was even thinking about changing over my home decor; yes, i'm one of those....i change out decor seasonally, but it's just too blooming hot outside to put out the pumpkins yet!) anyway....i came across this unusual background called "attack of the brooches"...and was reminded of my grandmother....

grandmother was my mom's mom, my favorite grandmother! she was soft and "fluffy;" she always smelled just like every little old lady i've ever know the smell! i'm pretty sure it was the perfect blend of body powder (you know the one in the big round box with the huge powder puff?) and whatever her perfume of choice was for that day, maybe some estee lauder, maybe white shoulders, maybe avon....she liked to smell good...and she did! after all the hard work she did every day, i now know how hard it must have been to smell so sweet!

i can vividly recall watching her get ready for church on sunday mornings getting all dolled up....pretty brooches and all! she rarely missed church, and wanted her whole family there with her! we lived in a different town, but when we were there, we went to church with Easter in our handmade (by her) polyester and lace dresses. (i had polyester and lace TO THIS DAY!)...there was no air conditioning, and that polyester did not "breathe" at all!

grandmother LOVED me....she loved all her grandchildren, and we knew she loved us. Christmas was BIG with grandmother...maybe that's where i get it from! i can remember no matter how early i awoke on Christmas morning, grandmother was already awake and up, with the gas heaters roaring and breakfast cooking....even at 4:30 on a dark cold country morning! she was ready for us girls to get up and see what santa had brought! i think she got as excited as we did! and i remember when our whole family gathered for Christmas eve, dozens of us, she had a gift for everyone....usually panties and socks for the grandchildren!

i miss my grandmother....wish she was here to enjoy our boys. oh how she would love them! she was already quite frail and suffering from some dementia by the time our ethan was born....but she did get to hold him. i can picture that too, through my tears....he was such a big boy, and although she might not have known who or whose he was, she enjoyed him so very much!

i could go on and on with the precious memories i have of this blog design and post is for her...september 1st was birthday.....happy birthday grandmother! thank you for showing me what unconditional love is....i miss you!


  1. I love the background! I subscribe to your blog in my reader, but I had to click on the title to come see your lovely background! It's wonderful that something so simple brought back all those memories.

  2. I love the story of your gram. I LOVED both of mine to the moon and back. I never had enough time with either, but they made me feel treasured and there are no words for that kind of feeling. :-) Love your blog!