Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Heart for Adoption...

my good friend kym is at the "type a mom conference" in asheville as i type this. she is not a "type a mom" she readily admits. kym is the mother of 7 children; an artist, exceptionally creative, talented....and so much more. i've learned so much from kym in the 10+ years that i've known her! i'm so excited that she had this opportunity. i just wish that i was there with her!

she called me on her way to the conference because she forgot to bring the directions to the hotel (a type a mom would not forget this important detail!); i quickly found the directions online for her and guided her to the's the closest i'm getting to the conference this year! it sounds like so much fun, and i'm experiencing it vicariously through kym! she's been feeding me bits of information via facebook throughout the weekend, and assures me she has much more to share with me when it's over!

kym also has a heart for orphans; her whole family does. she and her husband have recently started the process for adoption; they are in the early stages. as long as i've known them they have wanted to adopt....their children have talked about it for years! i'm excited and praying for them as they seek "to look after orphans and widows in their distress" (James 1:27) may God bless their obedience and give them the desires of their heart!


  1. Wow, Penny! Thanks for sharing this. As a soon-to-be mom of seven with a heart for adoption, this gives me hope that maybe, one day, we will get to adopt, too.
    Oh, and I am so not a type-A mom! LOL!

  2. This non-type a mom just found this post! Tara, what a fun ride for us all.

  3. Neat!! Read this after Kym posted about it on Facebook. I didn't realize you were here in PC. I joined Wyatt's Prayer Warriors through Kym and prayed for little Wyatt quite often. Glad he is doing well.
    I just clicked on your facebook link and noticed a coworker of mine is on your friends list. It truly is a small world :)