Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful for Friendship!

today i am thankful for friendship!

what a great day to be thankful for friends!    today i get to see shirley, who i haven't seen since spring!  and on monday i get to see susan, who i haven't seen since may!  two of my very best friends!  
unfortunately living in a military community, my best friends always seem to leave me..... i blame the government....why not?  ;)

i have had so many besties through the years!  i would be remiss not to make a list.....kym, april, christy, tina, missy, amy, julie, irene, melinda, renee', christine, cheryse, debbie, anita, christina, michelle, lisa, ann......the list goes on and on and on!   forgive me if i left you out!

i LOVE my girlfriends!   they are the best!  they are the people who understand you....who support and encourage you!  they pray for you!   they laugh with you and cry with you!   they are special gifts from God!   if you do not have really good girlfriends like the ones i am need to find some!  life is so much better when shared with friends.....

and i have been blessed beyond measure with so many girlfriends throughout the years.....

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