Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Dance Here.... First Transition Meeting DONE!!!!

first transition team meeting is DONE and went WAY BETTER than i had anticipated!!!!    our morning was a little rough getting there, but we rushed in right on time; ethan, wyatt and myself!   (tim is in pensacola and could not join us this time!).  i am SO GLAD that ethan was on spring break and was able to help me with wyatt!!!     we were able to call tim and put him on speaker phone so that he was able to participate in the meeting as well.  i also recorded the meeting on the ipad, in case i needed to remember exactly what was said..... someone earlier in the week had mentioned that they did that at their IEP meeting, and i thought that was a great idea!  

the three ladies representing the school district and head start were WONDERFUL!   they listened to my concerns and questions first, and were receptive to all that i had to say.   they thoroughly explained the transition process and what we should expect.  they explained one of the models, the blended model, that our school district uses; 10 typical kids and 10 kids with special needs are included in their 3/4 year old pre-kindergarten classes; with 2 teachers (1 ESE and 1 Voluntary Pre-K) and 1 paraprofessional.  this is the model that we would hope that wyatt would be placed in!

we also discussed the evaluation process involved that would determine wyatt's placement in school next year.  typically one of the district psychologists would assess wyatt's cognitive and intellectual abilities, and the district speech/language pathologist would assess his speech and language abilities.    we discussed the possibility of his current early intervention team performing his evaluation, and they were receptive to that idea.   tim and i, and some of his therapists, believe that wyatt would "perform" better for the therapists that he is familiar with, as most children would, when being assessed of his abilities!  

i left the meeting feeling VERY encouraged and hopeful for wyatt's placement in the public school system!  they will be contacting the appropriate representative in santa rosa county about wyatt, and the services available to him.   i felt like they wanted only the best for wyatt, and the desires that we have for him!  

and then the representative from santa rosa county called and talked to tim.   and she told him that they do not have "blended" or "inclusive" classes at the pre-k level.   apparently they do not serve "typical" kids in a pre-k setting at all.   they also do not have "part-time" classes, they want their children there all day every day.   and that they do not usually offer "drop-in" appointments for therapy services such as speech (if we should want to place him in private preschool or not place him in school at all at this point).    i was crushed..... so frustrated.... so sad.   i could not believe that the "#2" school district in the state does not offer inclusive pre-k classes.   they do offer a class specifically geared towards speech and language delays, with a class size of 12 with 2 teachers.    this might be an option for wyatt.....  just not what i had envisioned for him.  i talked to his SLP this afternoon and she said it really might be a great fit for him, as they focus so much on speech, which is his biggest delay.  

and so we wait until we can visit the school over in santa rosa county and see EXACTLY what their classroom model looks like.   and we pray about where we should live, where wyatt and forrest will receive the best education for each of them!    we appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment as we figure out where that is!!!  and we keep on doing what we do; going to therapies, playing, and enjoying each other.....  we are so blessed.....  and so ready to be living together as a family!!!!   living apart just stinks!  =)


  1. It will be great! God's got this...

  2. Oh Penny, this sounds absolutely frustrating. I am glad that the meeting went well, but then my stomach dropped when I read about Santa Rosa county. I am definitely praying for the best situation possible for Wyatt and Forrest.

  3. I wonder if you can argue to have them pay for private preschool, since that is the least restrictive environment and they don't have that available within the public school system.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment! Glad to hear your first meeting went well... praying it all works out for the transition!