Friday, March 16, 2012

My Eyes "Leaked" A Little... The Lion King!

wow!  just returned from a few days at "the happiest place on earth".....walt disney world!   since our oldest son was 9 months old, my mom has taken me and the boys to wdw every year or so..... so we ventured down on sunday to experience spring break with a few thousand of our closest friends!   i have NEVER EVER seen the parks more crowded!   we were so thankful to have the guest access card that disney provides through guest relations for people with disabilities.  otherwise, i don't think we would have been able to accomplished half of what we experienced in the time we had! 

the very last thing that we decided to "squeeze" into our schedule, on our last day in the parks, was the "festival of the lion king" show at animal kingdom!  we had just gotten to see mickey up close and personal, and the lion king show was just about to start, so away we went!   we were seated and the show started very quickly.  now, i have seen this show many times, and i know that it is pretty "loud and wild", so i was very nervous about taking wyatt to see it, with all his "sensory" issues.....  i spied where the nearest exit was, and was prepared to make a speedy departure if need be! 

now i love the movie, "the lion king" was the first movie we ever took our oldest son, ethan (18) to see in a theater, and he loved it!   so we know all the songs and story line by heart, you know?    "circle of life" and "can you feel the love tonight?" bring tears to my eyes every time!   "i just can't wait to be king" and "hakuna matata" are just FUN!    so as they sang those magical songs that have so many memories attached to them, and my eyes leaked a little!   

and there was NO NEED TO EXIT..... wyatt LOVED it!!!! from the first song to the last, he was amazed!!!! the look on his face was was truly a MAGICAL experience for him!!!!  to see wyatt "dancing" along, clapping, and just enjoying the whole show, certainly caused my eyes to LEAK A LOT!!!!   we were right beside timon and pumba, and wyatt was COMLETELY ENTHRALLED WITH THEM!!!   it was so very cute!  and when timon finally spotted wyatt and started waving at him.... wyatt was so very happy!!!!  

it was truly a magical way to end our time at disney.... to remember how ethan loved that movie as a toddler, and forrest has loved it through the years, and to see wyatt enjoying it as well!  a timeless story and music!!!   and to think, we almost didn't even go see the show, because i was afraid that wyatt would not be able to "handle"  it!  ..... so glad we did, and yep, my eyes did leak a little......


  1. So glad he enjoyed it! Wish we could have meet up for that.

  2. Aww!That is so very cool! Glad that you all had fun!

  3. I love you all! Made my eyes leak, too!

  4. We LOVE that show! It's a must see if you go to Animal Kingdom.