Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 for 21 Day 4 Wyatt Loves His Friends!

we really miss wyatt's best friend clayton!  he and his momma came to visit us last month in our new home!  it was so good to see them!  

wyatt is also making lots of new friends at school and church!   he LOVES to go to school; it was so cute this week when we arrived at school at the same time as one of his classmates...wyatt was SO HAPPY to see him!  he left me in the dust to greet his friend!     he also LOVES to go to sunday school, preschool choir and awanas at our new church.  we are so very blessed that he has THE SAME COUPLE as his teachers in each of those classes!!!   WOW!!!  that is just unheard of!   he is always so glad to see them.  

my new, but quickly good, friend amy has a "typical" son who is 1 month older than wyatt, his name is a.j.   she also has an almost 2 year old who has Down syndrome.   wyatt and a.j. are in the same classes at church together and it is so cute to see them greet each other.   a.j. is ALL BOY and can give amy and his teachers a run for their money.... at first amy was afraid that a.j. would hurt wyatt in some way.  i don't worry about that!   we have discovered that a.j. has a special love for wyatt..... he is almost always excited to see wyatt, and gets angry at me if wyatt is not with me when i visit!   amy often brings him to class just so he can see wyatt!   just last week when amy was leaving our home,  wyatt actually said "a.j.!"   we were THRILLED!  we have not heard it again, but we know he can say it!!!  

this past sunday when we got to church, one of the little boys immediately said hi to wyatt and gave him a hug.  his mom told us that throughout the week her son had been talking about his friend "WHITE," (we are southern, you know!) and for a few days she had no idea who he was talking about..... WYATT!!!    precious!!!  thrills this mama's heart, i tell you!!!!    so happy that other kiddos love wyatt as much as he loves them!  


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