Monday, October 8, 2012

31 for 21 Day 8 Don't Just Stare, People! Speak to Us, We Won't Bite!

i know that i have blogged about this before, but just recently (even today) i have noticed it more and more..... i hate it when people are looking at wyatt, *trying* not to stare, and then avert their eyes when i "catch" them.  mind you, i am not frowning and angry.... i am smiling, happy, and ready to engage them in conversation when i see them looking at wyatt!    it is just beyond my comprehension how someone cannot smile when they see my precious boy!   he's more alike than different, people!!!!   

of course it doesn't happen all the time!  maybe just a third of the time do people behave this way.  the othere two-thirds of the time, people will at least smile, at most engage in a conversation with me!  when i notice someone really interested in wyatt, i will ask them something like "oh, do you love someone with Down syndrome too?", which is a great conversation starter!    i often find that they have a family member or family friend who has Ds, and often a story to share! 

even today an older man engaged us in a lengthy conversation; he taught children with special needs for many years in the public school system.  he asked all types of questions about wyatt, and was genuinely interested in him!  it was a lovely conversation!   he wished us well when we parted.....

you see, i LOVE to talk to people....all people!  i love to admire their precious babies and children too!    i guess that's why i have such a hard time understanding someone not even smiling at our precious boy.  i know that before we were blessed with wyatt i probably stared from time to time at folks with disabilities as well; i wish that i had known better then!  but i have learned that we are ALL more alike than different!  created in the image of God, just as HE intended us to be!   blessings....

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  1. some people just dont get it....their loss
    miss you my friend, that sweet boy sure is growing!