Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

wow! where did the years go? and how can i be old enough to be married 22 years? haha! it just doesn't seem possible....and yet it also seems like we've been married forever! funny how that works, isn't it? to look at the pictures, we sure were young! only 5 years older than our oldest, ethan, is now!

married while pursuing our master's degrees at southwestern baptist theological seminary, we have fond memories of those first few years in texas! then my texan hubby moved me back to my floridian roots! quite a transition for him! i think he still feels the "texas tug" to move back when we visit his family there...

no one tells you how hard marriage is going to be, do they? they didn't tell us! and we went through premarital counseling at the seminary! i don't think anyone would believe you if you told them just how hard marriage is! marriage takes hard work, trust, compromise, patience, friendship, understanding, forgiveness, love (of course!), and the list goes on.... but our shared faith in God is the foundation of our marriage. without that foundation, i can't imagine how hard life would be in general....much less married life!

after being married almost 5 years, the addition of a baby boy (ethan) added a whole new dimension to married life! new worries, stresses, joys, responsibilities....there's just so much when you're responsible for a little baby that you've brought into the world! eight years later, another precious son (forrest), and then another eight years later, a surprise "bonus baby" (wyatt) gift from God....with special needs!

my life is not what i ever expected it to be....but it's SO MUCH MORE! i am so thankful for the Godly man my husband is! i'm thankful for how much he loves and provides for us. he is a man of integrity, well respected, a hard worker, wise beyond his years, and much more. (i'll stop here, i don't want anyone to be jealous! haha!) i am so blessed.....