Friday, August 27, 2010

What's Happening With Wyatt These Days.....

wyatt has had some awesome therapies this week! his therapists just keep bragging on how terrific he is doing...since i've never had a child with down syndrome before, i really don't have any idea how he's doing from their viewpoint, so i'm thrilled that they are so happy with his progress! yay wyatt! it's so encouraging to have their weekly feedback! they are terrific!

wyatt certainly keeps me busy! he is constantly pulling up on us, standing and playing. and when he's on the floor, he wants to "walk" everywhere! he really likes to walk, and he's so cute, picking those chubby little feet up! his pt brought a kid-sized walker for him to use this cute! he did well with it. we've ordered a walking assistance device to free up his hands and keep us from being so bent over as we help him walk also. either i'm much older than when our other sons began to walk (which is true), or this is a lot harder because of his developmental delays (which is true too!), because he is exhausting me! whew! i am definitely feeling my age these days!

he jabbers a lot too. it even sounded like he said "e daddy" this week for "g daddy!" (what the grandkids call my dad!) he started squealing "like a girl" according to his daddy too! two nights this week at dinner he has gotten so excited, he sticks his feet and hands straight out and squeals! over and over, laughing....his face so full of joy! he is so funny! he cracks us all up!

medically, we're looking at a possible thyroid issue right now. his blood work was a little high, so we're seeing an endocrinologist the first week of october, which is the earliest they could see him...ugh! i, of course, would like for him to be seen next week....but we are on a waiting list for cancellations. we are having a follow up with his ent and audiologist next week as well. i'm anxious to see if they can get a tympanogram reading this time....hope, hope!

that's about it for is busy....God is good...we are blessed! peace....

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