Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday..... head is spinning!  what a "monday" this has been!  wyatt has wreaked havoc all over the house!  he started this morning, while i was in the bathroom trying to get ready to leave for therapy, dumping things in my bathtub....a favorite activity of his!  so i put him out of the bathroom and shut the door.   eventually i heard an unusually heavy-sounding thud reverberate through the tile floors.... he had found a beautiful, yummy smelling yankee jar candle, and dropped it on the tile floor.....i found him holding pieces of glass, surrounded by shards of glass!
thank God that he did not get cut....i truly believe wyatt's guardian angels work overtime for this little guy!  however, while i was cleaning up the glass, i put him in his room and he managed to empty his laundry basket and spread his clothes around.....


after therapy we visited g-mama for a bit, and he actually did not get into anything over there!  which is very unusual! 

once we got home, i was fixing lunch while he played a bit before naptime....and oh my goodness.....

he emptied these straw thingies...

from this basket,
and started stuffing his dirty clothes
in the basket....
happy little man....and no harm done!
which was a LOT of fun!

i must admit that with child #1 i would have had a "fit" (is that just a southern term?)....but by child #3, i just laughed and enjoyed the time that he was occupied!    too bad i didn't learn that sooner...   blessings!    


  1. Glad you laughed! I would have been the one having the fit! LOL What a busy little guy he is... And I'm really glad to hear he didn't get hurt by the glass. Ugh.

  2. Dear Wyatt, apparently you are mimicking your girlfriend Ellie. So sorry, Penny! My girl is a bad influence. . .or maybe it is the gingko?