Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wyatt's Best Friend.....

wyatt's best friend clayton is in birmingham, alabama tonight getting ready to have open heart surgery tomorrow (wednesday)morning.  he will turn 2 in november, and the cardiologist has been keeping a close eye on him since birth to determine when he would need surgery.  clayton has a leaky valve as well as a hole in his heart, and the cardiologist decided last month that it is time! 

we are bonded to this family through the boys' "little something extra," Down syndrome!   we "accidentally" met at jcpenney, i blogged about that here, and became fast friends!  clayton's mama april is a sweet, strong woman of God, and has been a huge encouragement to me!   his daddy, robert, also loves and serves the Lord!  they are just an awesome family!  

yay!  mcdonald's!  yummy!
as wyatt and i have spent time lately with april and clayton, i so wish that i could take away from her the fear that i see in her eyes and hear in her voice.    i know that fear.  i know those concerns.  i know what it feels like to hand your child over to a virtual stranger, a surgeon who will cut his chest open, put his heart on a bypass machine, fix his heart and then remove his heart from bypass.    i know what it feels like to wait and pray....hoping and trusting God that your child will be okay. wyatt's open heart surgery is the reason i started blogging!  many of my friends whose kids have Ds also know that feeling.....they have walked that path as well.    what a blessing it is to be on the other side of surgery....

"i don't think they will notice if we turn it on...."
and so i pray.....continuously.... for this precious boy with an infectious smile and a charismatic personality!   i pray for his mama and daddy, his grandparents, and their entire family as they wait.  and i pray for all those involved in his surgery; his surgeon, anesthesiologist and the entire surgical team, as well as his nurses who will lovingly care for him!  and i ask you to pray for them as well.   please pray that his surgery goes smoothly, that his pain is minimal, and that his recovery is uneventful as well!   thank you.....


  1. Sending prayers and positive thoughts to Clayton and his family, on the eve of Clayton's heart surgery. I'm glad you're able to be there for them, Penny, as I'm sure they appreciate your perspective and experience with Wyatt's heart surgery. It truly is an experience that only a heart parent can understand.

  2. Praying for Clayton, his family, and the medical team.