Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Out of Reach....Make That Taste!

i realize this week just how important food is to me. very. very, very! i love food, it's true. probably a little too much. oh well! there are worse things, aren't there? what brought about this revelation? twice this week i was in position to get a food i really like, but due to circumstances i could not control, was unable to get them. okay, this is not a deep, thought provoking post....sorry! on tuesday night, my dear husband wanted me to attend a fundraiser with him for our local rescue mission, chautaqua school and "empty bowl" soup dinner. for a donation, you received unlimited soups provided by local restaurants. a local ritzy, expensive restaurant makes delicious she crab of my favorites. we hardly ever get to go there...for obvious reasons (my dear husband is the executive director of a not-for-profit organization)! anyway, we were leaving wyatt at home with ethan and forrest for the first time since wyatt's surgery (almost 4 weeks post-op and doing terrific). i knew he had not napped well, but i had fed them all and was hopeful i could be gone an hour! as i arrived, the first phone call came..."wyatt's screaming....i think he's trying to poop..." by the time i was in the cafeteria, call number 2...."he's still screaming, what do i do?" as we get in line to eat, i see it.....she crab soup from THAT restaurant! wow! i can't wait....i can already taste it....and then the third call, with wyatt still screaming in the background...."where's the gas medicine (which fixes everything, by the way!)? time to go back home! our poor baby, who never screams, needed mama! and away we went...."no soup for you..." (the soup chef from Seinfeld, remember?)
the very next day, we went to pensacola for wyatt's post-op appointment with his cardiologist. he received an excellent report and was released to resume normal activities! yay! on our way to eat lunch, i saw a sign for tcby yogurt, which we no longer have in our hometown, and the sign said "$.99 waffle cone wednesday!" wow! awesome! what a deal! so i told tim, after lunch, we can get cheap waffle cones! and he after lunch, and a quick trip to target, he dropped me in front of the tcby. as i walked in i passed a little girl leaving with a beautiful white and orange combination waffle cone..yummy! and then i looked up to find no less than 20 people in line for yogurt....NO WAY!!!! i've never seen that many people in any yogurt/ice cream store, ever! once again, no yogurt for me.....i couldn't make my guys wait that long for me to get yogurt...i was sad, sad, sad....
but on a bright note, i did get some macaroni grill bread to take home for supper....

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