Monday, March 29, 2010

Focusing on Forrest

today is a day of reflection; our forrest turns 9 today! i love birthdays; birthdays are a BIG DEAL to me...all birthdays! actually, as i'm writing it's about that time 9 years ago that they placed him in my arms! such a cute, where has the time gone? right now he's sitting here playing with the lego darth vader tie fighter that he just built....acting out all different scenarios to make me laugh! he's such a fun kid! he's very loving and affectionate! as a special treat i checked him out of school at lunch today and we all went to lunch to celebrate his special day! i always love being surrounded by ALL my guys (i still can't believe i'm the mom to 3 sons!)
i'm fairly certain that forrest is the mirror image of his dad at that age; i can only guess the "grief" that tim put his parents through with his childhood mischief! it's so neat to see how differently God gifts our children, isn't it? forrest is merciful, kind, good; he's independent in some ways, like how he loves to ride his bike all around the neighborhood all by himself! and forrest loves people; he rarely meets a stranger. i'm so thankful that God gave him to us! GOD IS GOOD!

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  1. This is such a sweet post:) I too, am a mom to 3 sons...and I love it:) Always mischievous and fun!! I love how each has their own unique personality (and how that plays on "our" relationship with each of them)! Happy Birthday Forrest!! I hope you had a wonderful day:)