Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ponderings from Surgery...

wow! i can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since wyatt's surgery. while in the hospital, i found that i just "went through the motions" of everything there was to do. it was almost a numbness still; different from the pre-surgery, "i can't believe this is happening to my baby" numbness....the "what do i do next?" numbness. the stress of the actual surgery combined with the stress of fighting to breastfeed made for LOTS OF STRESS! it may seem silly that i fought so hard for nursing, but it was THAT IMPORTANT to us. it's what i CAN DO for him; one advantage i CAN give him (i believe) with his growth and development, not to mention how terific it is for him physically to nurse as a baby with Down syndrome(great for his mouth, facial muscles, etc.) in cicu we stayed with wyatt as much as possible, between my pumping to keep my milk supply up, and eating. once he was in step-down, it was pretty much left up to us to care for his every need! which was way different than it is at home! it was so scary to hold him initially, but once we got to nurse again, it was great...i knew everything was going to be okay! i'm still a little tired. but getting better. wyatt is doing terrific! it is amazing how quickly he has bounced much so that i have to remind myself that he just had MAJOR surgery a few weeks ago! his cardiologist told us, "it's like he's been run over by a mack truck," which really put it into perspective! i know this is a lot of rambling...wish i'd taken the time before now to post! more soon...

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  1. I think you are an incredible Mom Penny, a very strong woman, and your family is too. The stress seems to hit us all a little after the fact when things start to calm down.. Crazy how our bodies kick in and go through the motions, as you say.

    Wyatt s going to be just fine so make sure you now take care of yourself. Give yourself time to heal because you have been through a mack truck hitting you as well.

    Much love from SC, dear friend, and prayers for continued health for Wyatt.