Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Cafe Was Great!

my mixed emotions were unfounded! we had a great weekend at the "family cafe" conference this past weekend in orlando. we met so many wonderful new friends. reconnected with a terrific facebook friend of mine, karen. we enjoyed getting to know our friends the walkers better...they live in our area and their baby clayton also has down syndrome. he is 4 months younger than wyatt. we know that they are going to be great friends!

we received lots of great information for wyatt's future needs and planning. tim attended sessions on social security stuff; med waivers, etc. i attended sessions on iep's; family care council; and other stuff. a lot to take in! so much to learn in this new world we've been thrust into!

i saw a lot of parents and caregivers who were eager to take in as much information as they could. everyone is so willing to share what they know with each other to help in any way that they can. i saw parents who sacrifice so much for their kids. i saw many, many tired parents. and as my friend karen said, i learned that down syndrome is "not so bad" when it comes to the vast field of disabilities. there are so many other disabilities out there that require so much more physically of their families. not that down syndrome doesn't, but there are countless parents and caregivers who are exhausted from their resonsibilities, with little or no support.

i am so thankful that God gave us precious wyatt. i am so thankful that He allowed me to see beyond my own little world into a whole other world of needs, hurts, joys....and i am so glad that He is in control! and i'm not......


  1. Amen Sista! I am glad you all had fun and learned some too. :-)

  2. I have been feeling and thinking some similar thoughts. There are lots of ups and downs but i have support, new friends and old friends helping me get through. The Ds community helps me establish the bumper guides i use to lead Chloe to be a contributing member of society with her own special talents to offer. But...when things dont go as i exspected I am learning to accept life on lifes terms, it's OK,God has bumper guides on me and he knows best. My crazy beliefs that I had to be perfect left me alone and full of self hate. Me being in charge of my life nearly killed me.