Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not Crawling Yet...Whew!

it's hard to believe that our little man is about to turn one in less than a week! i've really been struggling with his development lately. not sure when i haven't struggled with it, to be honest!

i can't remember when i last posted about the crawling questions, but i'm still getting them. "is he crawling yet?"...."scooting?"..."commando crawling?"....the list goes on! and every time i'm at church it's "in my face" more and more. when i'm at home, i don't see other babies his age (or younger) developing more quickly than he is. for that reason, sometimes it's hard to go to church without dreading the questions, etc. it's just hard. and we have such a loving church family who adores wyatt as much as we do... but most of them don't understand that he will develop more slowly.

my friend and i've been talking this week about how hard it is to deal with those questions about developmental milestones. from strangers, from friends, etc. i'm not sure that it will ever be easy. i'm also not sure if i'll ever feel like i do enough for him. i know that others deal with these feelings regularly as well. there's always something else that we should/could be working on. always more research to check out.....way too much to read everything out there. where do you start.....and stop?

i had so hoped that wyatt would be crawling by his birthday. i really thought he would. he's trying really hard. he works really hard. today he had physical and occupational therapy and he did terrific in both sessions! he still stays on his hands and knees and rocks. he scoots forward w/resistance. he can scoot backwards by himself. he's pulling up more. he pivots a lot. yesterday he got himself off his blanket SOMEHOW. we weren't looking, of course! his physical therapist has him walking a lot. he likes to walk with assistance! she keeps saying he may just skip crawling. we'll see.....

as i was thinking about this earlier, though, God reminded me that once he does start crawling and walking, he starts moving away from us. breaking some of those ties of dependence on us! and those movements of independence are just the beginning....who's ready for that? certainly not me! peace...


  1. Wow Penny, Wyatt sounds just like Megan as far as where they are developmentally. Megan can go backwards and loves to turn in circles on her tummy and rolls everywhere and loves to stand but no crawling yet, but ya know, I agree with you, I am ok with that. I am in no hurry for her to start "moving away from us." Our kids grow way too fast and I am enjoying the longer "baby period" with Megan :0)

  2. My Shonn was barely sitting on his first birthday. He just starting crawling on his hands and knees - not commando crawling - in the last 6 months and he was two March 1st. But I know how you fee - I keep getting the "when will he walk on his own and wow he is two and not walking yet" all the time. It gets me down but I keep reminding myself how lucky I have been to enjoy a "baby" longer than most. Good Luck with the crawling - it will happen when it is supposed to happen and HAPPY BIRTHDAY WYATT:)

  3. Penny, I think it sounds like he is doing fantastic! As you know his girlfriend is a little older than him, but she isn't doing nearly as much as he is. Miss Melody will pivot, and rolls everywhere, but that is about it. She still does not scoot, get up on all fours, or pull up. And when she is in a standing position and holding onto my fingers, she doesn't move her legs at all. She just keeps them in a 'locked' position. She doesn't bend at the knee at all.

    Like you, I was really hoping she would be crawling by her first birthday, but at the rate we are going, I will be surprised if she is crawling by the year and a half mark.

    Try not to get down. I know it's easier said than done at times. Hugs to you Penny. And please give Wyatt big hugs and kisses for Melody and me!

  4. Oh Penny - I totally understand. I was hoping Jack would be sitting up by his 1st Birthday..He still is not. I don't even think about crawling because I know he has to sit up first. It's so hard and I totally get it. Just remember that when he starts crawling/walking your days are going to become much more busy and the house much more enjoy this somewhat "quiet" time while you have it...that's what I tell myself. Don't wish away the present...enjoy it!!