Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mixed Emotions

i'm having mixed emotions. i need to be packing to head to the "family cafe conference" here in florida. it's a conference that is for families whose kids have varying disabilities, from what i understand. it will help us know what services are available for wyatt probably more in the future than now, since we are blessed with such awesome early intervention. i know that i will see kids and adults with various disabilities, and i'm sure it will make me sad to some extent. wondering if it's better to have more exposure and get used to it? hmmmm, not sure! i also know that there will be lots of valuable information that we will attain!

it probably doesn't help that i am going into the trip EXHAUSTED! last week was just really yucky...lots of junk. and this week has been vacation Bible school.....very stressful and busy! but i am praising God for the 13 children who prayed to receive Christ as their Savior at vbs today! yay! that's what it's all about! now i'd really like to just lay down and rest, but i'm off to pack...

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