Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Baby for Christmas!

one of my best friends in real life is actually giving a baby a home this Christmas.  i am so excited that my friends kym and dave are getting the desire of their hearts, the opportunity to adopt!  they have been blessed with 7 wonderful children.....seriously terrific kids, but as long as i have known them, they have ALL wanted to adopt a child.  at one point it was a child from china, but i think their family size prohibits that from happening.  they are a loving Christian family who have felt strongly about adoption for a long time!   

they have been in the process of getting their home study complete; we were blessed to serve as references for them, having to answer some pretty tough questions!   they received word monday that their home study was complete, and received word either monday or tuesday that a couple had chosen them to adopt their baby.   the baby boy is due around december 26th, and they video chatted with the birth parents this week!  at that time, the birth mom told them they would like for them (kym and dave) to be there when the baby is born, and could schedule an induction to be sure that happens!   very exciting!   

and to add a sweet blessing, the birth parents shared that they had chosen a name for their baby already.....WYATT..."strong of heart!"    kym and dave were more than happy to keep that name as one of their precious baby's names.   our kids share a lot of names in common already!   kym also told me that it is very fitting, because perhaps without God blessing us with our "surprise" little man wyatt, they would never have pursued adopting a child at this point in their lives!   

i am so thrilled at how God is at work in their His perfect timing!   i am eternally grateful that He is in control.....and i am not!    peace.....


  1. Penny...hope you come over and read my interview with Lisa Peele, who adopted from Ukraine..I thanked you in my post for bringing awareness to Reece's Rainbow:)

  2. Thanks so much!
    I am trying to keep my blog updated, too!
    if anyone wants to follow our journey, I blog at
    and I can not wait for Wyatt and Wyatt to get to play together! :)