Thursday, December 9, 2010

Olga's Giveaway

i am so proud and excited for my friend patti who is having a giveaway for the adoption fund for OLGA from Reece's Rainbow !   patti's heart has been burdened for this precious girl who will turn 5 in january....the same month patti's own daughter lily will turn 1!   

please visit patti's blog A Perfect Lily....Letters to My Daughter to read about how you can donate to olga's fund as well!   patti is a pastor's wife, mother to 10 children, and homeschooler!   her 10th child, lily, was born with Down syndrome this year.  patti does not intend to adopt olga, but she knows that if there is enough money in olga's fund, someone will adopt her!  money is often the only deterent for families who would love to be the forever family to one of these precious children! 

i'm so excited that in only 3 days, patti has raised over $4,300 for precious olga!   i praise God that so many people have given sacrificially for this precious little girl who so desperately needs a home!   what can you do?


  1. Penny- you rock! :) love to you!!!!

  2. Penny, thank you so much for sharing this! I was the first person to ever put any money into Olga's fund (probably a couple of months ago?) and I am so excited beyond belief that your friend has raised thousands of dollars for her! I continue to be inspired by all the goodness and love my friends share!