Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Are You Trying to Slow Me Down, Lord?

well, i blogged night before last about comparisons.....and i was blessed beyond measure by the responses of encouragement that i received!  my sweet fb friend, peggy, was surprised to hear that sometimes i am sad....these are her kind words:

" Oh, Penny, how sad this sounds, & it makes my heart hurt to think of you hurting for your sweet Wyatt. To me, he's just a darling little boy who's so totally loved & whose Mama takes great delight in each of his achievements. I know this ...probably won't help, but "not as fast paced" doesn't have to be a bad thing, really. Our world is far too fast-paced these days. With Wyatt, although he might be behind others his age, he's happy with the life he has, and you get to savor each and every step forward. So many moms these days live such hectic lives they totally miss their kids' first words, first steps, first everything. God knew exactly what He was doing when he placed Wyatt in your tender care----for you to be a loving caretaker & blessing to him & for him to be a blessing to you, & just maybe to slow things down & really be able to rejoice in each little bit or growth. I'll be praying for you that this sadness will be lifted and you can continue to rejoice in all of the beauty and goodness that is Wyatt. Sending love & hugs."

although i wish that i deserved all her "praises," i fall so woefully short of them..... but her kind words of encouragement did make me think.... i'm sure that God has often tried to slow me down....in more ways than one.  so often i can look back and see how i have rushed through our older boys' lives!   been in such a hurry to do other "things" that i have often missed the most important "things" that God has entrusted me with....my family....my precious boys and wonderful hubby!   and with wyatt, i'll have PLENTY of time to enjoy, treasure, and love him and all his milestones and accomplishments!    peace.....


  1. what a beautiful, uplifting note. thank you for sharing!

  2. That is just so true what she said. What a lovely note indeed. I fall short in lots of areas of my life, and so the other day when I wrote you about your last post and how I may not understand the sadness... I should have also said I am by no means a perfect mom. I'm sure you know that. You are a wonderful mama and I know Wyatt and all of your guys are so lucky to have you.