Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who Will Love The Orphans This Christmas?

i love's my favorite time of year!  not only do we celebrate Christ's birth, but i have a birthday near Christmas as well!   and i'm like a little kid....i love birthdays!   i like to have a party, i like to get presents, i just like to celebrate my birthday in general!  

this year, however, i'm really heart is so torn for the babies and childrens with Down syndrome who need homes, both here in abroad.   i'm crying as i write this.  their needs are so great!   and their Christmas is so bleek.  who will love them?  who will hug them and hold them?  i need NOTHING in comparison to those precious children.  my kids need NOTHING in comparison to those precious children.    yet we live in such a "gimme gimme gimme" society......UGH!!!!    the commercialism of Christmas takes our focus off of the real reason we celebrate Christmas....the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!  

yes, i'm giving to help bring a precious child home.....but should i do more?   my heart just breaks over these babies!  i just saw one on reece's rainbow....dante....who was born the same day as our precious wyatt.....and i saw christian, who was born the day before wyatt.....these boys so desperately need mommies and daddies to love them! 

i don't know what God's will for me is in this area, but i do know that He has changed my heart drastically over this past year.....yet it needs to be changed more and more to be like His.  i also know that i need to be on my knees in prayer seeking His direction......

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