Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spread the Word to End the Word!

tomorrow is "spread the word to end the word" day... the day set aside to remind others to take the pledge to stop using the "r" word...."retard" or "retarded".....  i've said it before, but before wyatt was born we used that word synonymously with "stupid", as in, "that's so stupid," etc., never even thinking that it was offensive to people with developmental disabilities.   now we know better.   and we cringe when we hear someone else say it....it hurts.    i want to say, "do you mean, 'that's so wyatt?'"  when i hear someone say it....and i actually have!  don't forget to take the pledge at  r-word: spread the word to end the word

my friend lisa inserted her own daughter,
maggie and cousin's (sonia) pics in this one...
pretty awesome, huh?     beautiful girls!


wyatt's asking....won't YOU take the pledge to end the use of
the "r" word?    who can resist this face?     peace.....

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