Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Tale of Two Boys.....Wyatt and Christian

2 years ago i had no reason whatsoever to be concerned about "world down syndrome day....."  i didn't even know there was such a day!  and along came wyatt.....our precious surprise gift from God.  totally unexpected, pretty shocking to us, actually!   a baby, at our age?  really.....

wyatt....our sweet, precious, funny, busy little boy who is so loved by so many!   completely adored by his brothers, grandparents and extended family!   completely adored by our church family.....there are folks at our church who do not let sunday go by without speaking to/loving on our precious wyatt!   we are so blessed!   and continue to thank God for knowing exactly what we needed far better than we did!  so thankful He's in control, and we're not.....

loving the outdoors!

attacking mommy!

typically happy boy!

i wish you could hear the chuckle that
goes with this sweet expression!

this is where i found wyatt
this afternoon,
"reading" and playing with his toys!
and then there's little CHRISTIAN....born just 1 day before wyatt....across the ocean....worlds apart.   i'm christian's world down syndrome day warrior....i've been praying for him, sharing about him on facebook, in hopes that his forever family will find him, and go get him.   his world is so different from wyatt's world.  he has no mommy and daddy who meet his every need, often before he realizes he has a need!   no brothers who play with him, no grandparents who adore him, no church family loving him...... 

are YOU his forever family? 

there are so many who need homes.....   are you called to adopt?  if not, can you give to help those who are called?   click any of the buttons in my sidebar to help those families who are adopting.   can you pray?   please pray for these families who are called to adopt, that their financial needs will be met; pray for these babies and children who are abandoned in orphanages, and then transferred to adult mental institutions around the age of 5.....   pray that they will one day be loved as much as our precious wyatt is loved....

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