Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christian and All the Children of Region 6

last night i decided that it was time to share the information about CHRISTIAN again on facebook.   he's the little boy from russia who has captured my heart.   christian was born just 1 day before wyatt on july 5, 2009, but his mama didn't take him home from the hospital.  she left him to be taken to an orphanage, simply because he has Down syndrome.   what did she feel when he was born?  the same sadness that i felt initially, when we were given wyatt's diagnosis?   does she think about him even now, when he's almost 21 months old?   has she gone on to have other children?    does she regret her decision?   

i was thinking, "oh that he had been born in another country, a country who believes that ALL children are worth bringing home from the hospital."   of course, that statement isn't really true, is it?   because here in america, we let parents choose to kill their babies before they are even born, if those babies are inconvenient, less than "perfect," or for any reason that they want to.  a shocking 92% of parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Ds choose to abort those babies.   oh the blessing those families have missed, and oh the heartache that abortion brings, the longterm regrets and pain, the guilt and doubts.   

so i went over to reece's rainbow to find christian, and share his information on facebook.   he wasn't there.....
i tried the link over and over again, with the same response, "oops, this link is invalid." i was scared....petrified and in tears, actually, as i looked through all those sweet faces, just trying to find this one precious boy:
dob:  7/5/09
i looked in the "my family found me" CHRISTIAN.   i looked through all the "Ds boy babies" CHRISTIAN.    with much dread, i clicked on the link to the "in loving memory" section....those babies and children who are now with their Heavenly Father, who finally know the perfect love of "ABBA".....CHRISTIAN WAS NOT THERE.    of course there were so many other little ones there who we have lost .... including dante, who was born the same day as wyatt.  he and christian had both stolen my heart.   i was devastated when i learned of his passing.  

so i emailed my contact at reece's rainbow with my fears and concerns.  and i prayed.   and i went to bed.  this morning, as soon as i could, i checked my email, and was so relieved to get this message:  "Christian is fine!! Please don't worry about him. The trouble is bureaucratic -- and unfortunately we've had to put all the children in region 6 on hold for a while :( So, please keep praying for Christian -- that not only can we find him a family, but we can reopen that region for all the children."  i was so very relieved that he is OKAY.   at least for now.....yet saddened that all those children in region 6 are not available for adoption right now.   so i ask you, please pray for CHRISTIAN, and all the children in region 6....that they will be safe, healthy, and loved by their caregivers, and that soon they will be able to be found by their "forever families."  


  1. Oh Penny, I bet your heart was choked out, I totally hear you! how incredibly heartbreaking, a whole region? oh man. I can't wait to see the day Christian comes home .... and Simon the boy I adore ... It just isn't fair.

  2. So glad you got an answer to this pressing question. Glad he is ok.

  3. And Timothy, our little boy we pray for daily. Bless them Lord Jesus and somehow, someway, let their families find them and rescue them!