Thursday, March 3, 2011

True Confessions of an Overprotective Mommy....

true confessions time.....i HATE to leave wyatt!!!!    anywhere!     okay, i've only left him with tim (no problems there) and my mom and dad.   and ethan, if he's sleeping (wyatt, that is!).     actually, i think susan kept him for about 30 minutes one day too.    suffice it to say, i don't leave wyatt very much!

SO, we're at church a lot....really a lot!    between sunday services, sunday school (adult Bible study), wednesday night prayer meeting and ladies Bible studies, we spend at lot of time there!     and wyatt has stayed with us 99% of the time in his 20 months of life!!!!   he's been the best little guy in worship services; it's amazing!  but he's starting to get a little more verbal (a GOOD thing), and i'm afraid he's going to start answering the pastor when he asks a question...well, i think he's already done that!   one wednesday night when the pastor announced prayer time, wyatt started jabbering i got up to take him out, our pastor said, "but i was going to ask wyatt to pray!"   very cute!   our pastor is MOST understanding about wyatt-he actually has a sister with special needs as well. 

all that to say....TODAY WYATT STAYED IN CHILDCARE THE ENTIRE TIME I LEAD LADIES BIBLE STUDY!   yes, this is worthy of caps!    just last night i left him for 30 minutes and he cried probably 22 of those 30 minutes!   today was much better; they said he didn't even cry the last hour he was there (he was in there almost 2 hours!).  he cried on and off to begin with, but then he PLAYED WITH THE OTHER KIDS!!!!    praise GOD!   i am so thrilled.  not that i plan to leave him all the time now, but he actually needs the interaction with other children for his own development!   i would never leave him to make him feel insecure, but i want him to see what other kiddos are doing and can do!  

so that's it...just wanted to share this great news about wyatt!   he didn't even start crying when i went back to pick him up, which is terrific as well!   no teary, red eyes, just a HAPPY BOY!!!   yay, wyatt!   thank you God!!!


  1. Well that is exciting. I never leave River either, except at preschool or his Grams. It is just NOT what we do. With either of our kids. But it is nice to think that there are people who are trustworthy. I wouldn't even leave my kids with any of our friends EXCEPT one. And guess where I met her? Baby Center! Ha! She is a gem. Her name is Heather, and her little boys name is John. I haven't had to leave them yet though. We like our kids with us, but its nice for them to have good social skills, too.

  2. How great for you and for Wyatt! Claire loves going to daycare and playing with the other kids. There is one little girl there, just a couple months younger than Claire, and they are great friends. The other day they were sitting together just jabbering away when I got there to pick her up. Too cute, and I think the interaction with the kids is so good for her.