Friday, May 6, 2011

Gotta Love Those Terrific Twos!

enjoying the grass....
well, i've thought it for a few months now....wyatt has officially entered the "terrific twos!"    and at 22 months!  (actually more like 19 months!)  yep, he's quite advanced in that area!   he's been progressing quickly towards that status, and many people have joined me this week in making that diagnosis!   haha!    so much for "all kids with Ds are so sweet and loving all the time!"   as i've heard many other parents attest, this is not the case!   they truly are "more alike than different" from other creepers/toddlers/kids in general!    

singing a little song....

wyatt does have such a sweet long as everything's going his way!    don't take away his ice cream (or let the bowl get empty!)!     don't stop driving the golf cart!    don't leave the room (only sometimes....)!    daddy, don't go to work!   don't tell him "NO!"      and don't get too close when he's will get "smacked" with his pudgy little hand..... it's just so hard to discipline him...he does not respond as the other boys did.  he has such a high tolerance for pain that a pop on the hand does not phase him ONE LITTLE BIT.

don't forget the grand finale.....

he is so busy!   we've now entered the "lock everything up" and "batten down the hatches" stage.   he is curious and strong enough to get what he wants.   he explores everything.....he's quite nosy!    i see changing the locks on the doors in our near future (to keyed interior deadbolts....just like we had to do with forrest to keep him in the house....)!  

he also is exploring lots of new foods and textures.  i'm sure he would have done that earlier if i had thought of it!   it's so hard to remember what to do next with 8 years between each of our kids!   he's talking a LOT more, as well as signing to get his needs met!   he's not walking independently yet.....but he's getting there!   why walk when you can crawl at breakneck speed?   he's mighty fast!    you have to constantly be on guard now with drinks, food, pens....the list goes on.....if it's within reach, it's fair game to him!   oh my......

and he's off!!!!

wyatt is such a joy.  he loves his brothers, gets so excited when he sees them.  and this has been a crazy week not only for me, but for him as well.  i've had to leave him a lot this week with my mom and friend susan as ethan and forrest have had things they needed me to attend at their schools.  i sometimes forget that that is not necessarily easy for him....those transitions to not having me here all the time.  and tim's been travelling for work as well.    unfortunately, there is no end in sight right now, with ethan's graduation barreling towards us!   but we'll get through.... if i don't go completely bonkers first.....   peace!


  1. Gosh Penny, it sounds like our boys are so alike! Quade will be 19 months on Sunday and he is running full speed into the terrible 2's. Reading this made me think you have been a fly on our wall this last month. LOL

  2. He also sounds exactly like Landon he does the same things. You let the ice cream run out and you are in big trouble.I wish we lived by you so the boys could know each other and be able to play together.

  3. I know it's a lot of work for you, but how exciting for Wyatt!!! All these new things make you realize what a big boy he's becoming. On my end, it's exciting...but sometimes makes me miss my "baby".

    Happy Mother's Day, sweet friend!

  4. Get ready...those terrific two's last a LONG time! LOL Love ya!!