Sunday, May 29, 2011

Let Me Tell You What Wyatt's Been Up to Lately!

did you ask what wyatt's been up to lately?  let me tell you.....his speech therapist has noticed a real "speech explosion" as she calls it.  it's funny how you don't always recognize all that your kids are doing when you're with them all the time!   she wants to increase his speech therapy time, as a matter of fact!   that's pretty exciting!   he has perfected saying "ethan" very cute!  and big brother ethan just eats that up!   sometimes it's just "than" (like thor....) but often it's "e-than!"   just this morning he said "on" as clear as day!   he has words for "g-mama" and "g-daddy," as well as "bubba" for forrest!  other words include "good," "go," "hand," and "balloon," to name a few.....pretty exciting!   he also makes roaring and growling sounds when we ask him what the bear, cow and lion say.....

he's also adding lots of signs, and imitation of signs!   we don't work on that a lot, but he seems to pick them up pretty quickly!   he pretty consistently signs more, ball, shoes, please, water, bath, play, daddy, mama, eat, all done, bird, nursing, baby, night-night, and thank you!   it's amazing to see him "get" things....when you see the "lightbulb click on!"   and he's started doing the motions for "wheels on the bus," "itsy bitsy spider" and "twinkle, twinkle little stary" ALL BY HIMSELF!   he's been moving our hands for a while now, but how fun to see him make the motions himself!  

he's practicing walking A LOT!!!!   his physical therapist says we should make him walk 2-3 times a day for 30 minute increments!   whew!    he's really doing terrific, and we keep thinking....."any day now!"   he can push stuff around while walking all day long, but he just doesn't have that confidence built up quite yet....  he has also learned that he can climb up on his little chair to get up on our end table.   he likes to sit there......UGH!!!!  scary!!!! 

he's also entered the "terrific twos!"  just like his older brothers, he started a little earlier than 2.....around 20 months, actually!    he's quite stubborn, and can pitch a fit if he thinks it fits the situation!   it's pretty hard to convince him to do anything he doesn't want to do!  he's a very busy little guy these days!    naptime is a wonderful thing!   whew.... it's hard to keep up with him!    as stubborn as he can be, he can still melt your heart with his precious little smile.......

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  1. Rock on Wyatt! You are doing so much! Saying so much! Terrible twos. Yep, we have that. The one thing Ellie decided to do early too :-P

    Hope your sweet boy is feeling better!