Thursday, May 19, 2011

Graduating's Hard Work!!!!

busy, busy, busy.....that's what this past week has been!  who knew that graduating a child would be so labor intensive?   haha!   not quite as hard as the labor it took to push his 9 pound 3 oz body out, but pretty labor intensive anyway!   with senior banquet at church, recognition day on sunday, recognitions/academic awards days at school, family party, pre-graduation dinner....the list goes on.....we were pretty busy!
"gotta put on this blasted tie!"
it's still hard to fathom that our oldest son is now a high school graduate! and much relieved high school graduate! those days leading up to his graduation ceremony on monday night were just a wee bit stressful for all of us! it was amazing the difference in ethan's countenance from pre-graduation to post graduation! i'd forgotten how nervous graduation can make you! it's been a loooooong time since i graduated! he was so happy to have it over with!
it's almost time to get started...
but he did come over to say "hi!"

"whew, it's over!"

we were blessed to have both sets of grandparents in attendance, as well as our best friends, scott and susan, and adam!   ethan graduated #20 in his class of 451, with 40 hours of college credit behind him!   yep, we're mighty proud of him!   now he's full steam ahead, getting ready to attend the university of west florida in the fall, entering as a sophomore!   the school is located in pensacola, florida, which is only about 100 miles away, so that's not too far......but i will miss him!
we also got to relax with his grandparents from texas a bit once the graduation was over!   we headed out to the beach area for a little shopping, walking and beach gazing!  it was a beautiful day!   just wish our other guys could have joined us......

i'll catch y'all up on all that wyatt's been up to this weekend...he's been a busy boy, so be sure you check back in!   blessings....

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