Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sometimes I Say "YES!"

not often, mind you, but sometimes i say "yes" to my kids.....not just "maybe," "let me think about it," "perhaps later!"    this past saturday i said "YES!"   i know that forrest must have been completely shocked, but i did, i said it!   although wyatt was, unbeknownest to me, coming down with double ear, nose, and eye infections, i took my 2 youngest sons to the park for a picnic with my parent's church!  it was a beautiful day, tim and ethan had work to do, and the boys and i were free!  the picnic was at a shady park, and it was just a picture perfect (although hot!) day!  
the park is situated on a bay that has access to the gulf of mexico, and it's very shallow for 20 yards or more, so forrest (10) immediately headed down to the water's edge to explore!   after a while i went to check on him, and he was headed up to the pavillion with several crabs to show us.   after i admired them, i sent him back to deposit them in the water, saving them from certain death!   

after eating, forrest immediately headed back down to explore some more.   i followed a short time later with wyatt in tow.   wyatt was very interested in the water, so i took off our shoes and we walked and walked and walked in the shallow (6 inch deep) water. great physical therapy for him!  and he LOVED watching and following the little fish and crabs!   forrest then asked "can i swim?"    AND I SAID YES!!!!   mind you, this is not in my nature to do!   and he was not wearing a swim suit!    fortunately, he was in gym shorts, so he just took off his shirt and had fun swimming and chasing sea critters!    and i even let wyatt join him!   they had a blast together!    wyatt kept licking the salty water, which was very cute!   i didn't have my camera, but mom's pastor took this lone picture for me, to document the day!  

on the way home, wrapped up in a picnic blanket, forrest talked about what a great day it had been, how glad he was that we had gone......and i know that it would not have been nearly as great had i not said "YES!"    


  1. How fun!! What a great memory you made.

  2. Ooh, sounds like fun! Glad you said "yes" :-)

  3. Glad for your kids sake YOU.SAID.YES. :-)

  4. my kids enjoy going to MS and playing in the Gulf too. I am terrible at saying no and not enough "yes" also.
    If you make a trip around MS or LA this summer maybe we could get together and Cassie could join us :) I think the boys would have fun together