Monday, June 20, 2011

Hanging Out With Other Holland Families in Jacksonville....

first time petting a goat!
we had such a wonderful time on our trip to jacksonville and st. augustine last week!   today i'm sharing pics of some wonderful friends we have met through the bond of that "little something extra!"   i have made friends all over the world who have children with Ds!    we had a great time at the jacksonville zoo with kelly and her daughters chloe (t21) and hannah, and were so glad that suzanna joined us with her sons, including wesley (t21)!  we had a great time!

forrest helping groom the goat!
forrest with wyatt, chloe and hannah

boys....wyatt and wesley were
fast friends...stuffing leaves in the holes!

wesley talking to the dolphin!

we also had fun in downtown jacksonville at the museum of science and history, as well as taking a water taxi across the st johns river!
excavating dinosaur bones!

wyatt really connected with this fish!
a beautiful day on the river!
we even worked in a visit with the middleton family at chick fil was a great visit with these friends we met last year at national conference!  josiah (t21) is a sweetie!   forrest told us "josiah is one of the sweetest kids i've ever met!"  
todd was weighted down with
both of these boys!  


  1. Love love love all the pics. How exciting you got to meet friends. I do hope that we can meet some day soon. You are one of my best buddies and if Wyatt is to marry Ellie. . . . :-)

  2. i agree completely, anna! we must meet sooner rather than later! they should at least meet before the wedding! =)

  3. what a wonderful way to spend a day