Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....

two of wyatt's favorite things....
a ball, and a man to play with!
some pictures from "the family cafe" conference that we attended last weekend.....
the early steps staff put together this awesome playtime for our kiddos!  wyatt had a blast with all the other kids!
who doesn't love bubbles?
hey,'s a lion!
                                                                                     a highlight of his day.....spiderman!

and he meets spiderman.....

they became fast friends.....

finally.....napping.....for a very short time!


  1. Great taste in toys--we have the same laugh and learn puppy and the Vtech bear :-)

    Ellie wants to meet Spiderman. Lucky dog that Wyatt!

  2. I think Lily would freak over that Spiderman!! It's so awesome that they had fun stuff for the kiddos.