Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wyatt's Week at Vacation Bible School....

brother steven was wyatt's snack time buddy!
wyatt spent a LOT of time with mr jim!

what did wyatt do during vacation Bible school this week?   well....he went from man to man as much as he could!   with 2 brothers and a daddy at home, wyatt prefers the company of men!   so these guys, and a few others, graciously helped out with wyatt throughout the week!   who could resist this cutie?   

mr. ben took the early morning shift!

brother dustin took his turn with wyatt too!

wyatt really stretched mr mitch's aching back!

hanging out in new york city with brother carl!

wyatt created his own arts and crafts/recreation time!

bring it on.....time for chick fil a with friends!!!!
he did let his birthday buddy, mrs. karen hold him!


  1. These are adorable! Like you said though, who could resist the little guy?

  2. Smooches sweet Wyatt. You get cuter by the week! Ooh, wait, you are a manly boy wanting to hang with all the boys. You get more handsome by the week!

  3. Trying to set up an account so I can comment on your posts...let's see if it works...
    btw....looks like Wyatt had a blast at VBS! :)