Monday, June 6, 2011

I AM NOT SUPERMOM....In Case You Were Wondering....

well, my supermom myth is busted.  although i'm sure that i'm the only person who believed that myth!  it's over.  kaput.  done!   why?   because i thought it was a good idea to take the two younger boys (10 and almost 2) to a conference this weekend BY MYSELF!!!   NOT. A. GOOD. PLAN. AT. ALL!!!!!   this is a brutally honest post......
we love ikea!

so how did this happen?   i was blessed to receive funding through early steps, our early intervention program, to pay for the majority of the trip to the "family cafe" conference, which is an annual disabilities conference in the state of florida.  tim and i were able to attend last year, and we received lots of good information, so when the opportunity presented itself, we thought that i should go, even though tim could not join me this year.   mind you, we BOTH thought it was a good idea; that forrest would be a tremendous help, and all would go smoothly.   i was we were wrong!!!!!   

wyatt enjoying ikea!
the drive to orlando was LONG.... VERY long, with wyatt screaming intermittently for an hour of the 7 hours;  he finally napped for about an hour!   but we made it.  the conference is at one of the walt disney resorts, the coronado springs, and i knew the layout of the resort, so i was familiar with what i was facing.   i did not count on being placed on the second floor, with the elevator being basically 2 buildings away.  it was awful trying to get everything (except the kitchen sink!) up to our room that night.   and then getting setttled, giving wyatt a which point he POOPED in the tub.  OH MY when this happens at home, we have the tag-team approach; one parent takes the boy, the other cleans the tub, before we start the bathing process again.  and of course the lysol cleaning wipes (which i did think to bring!) were the only thing that i had not brought up to the room.  UGH!!!!   needless to say, i was in tears, and ready to go home....except i had decided that i was NEVER going home because i would have to drive that long trip again alone.   i was thinking that we were going to stay in orlando until someone else could come get us....just kidding of course, kind of!   forrest said, "we'll call dad, he'll come down."  but i had to tell him that dad couldn't come down....or he would be with us already!!!!  it was a long night!   we all finally got to sleep around midnight.  

pool time!

forrest loved the slide!
it was just hard being alone in a hotel with two kids, especially with wyatt.  i expected (unrealistically) more from forrest, for him to instinctively do things i needed done.   and those unrealistic expectations led to a "yelling" mama.  it was not pretty.   i used to be more of a "yelling" mama when ethan was our only child and younger, but i finally grew out of it....i learned better.   i do not like that mama.   i do not want to be that mama again.   ever.   so i did a LOT of apologizing for my raised voice with forrest this weekend.   {guilt here}   and i did a lot of praying.  i was way too concerned about things that i did not need to be concerned with (as my wise husband told me!)  my priorities were out of whack.  GOD second.....gotta keep my relationship with HIM first and foremost, before anything else will fall into place like it shoudl.....something i know, just got things out of order!  working on that....  and i now know that i can't make a trip like that alone!   just can't do it!   and that's OKAY!  

but we did have fun too!  we went to IKEA....which we love to do!  we ate dinner there!!!  we had a great time at the pool!   we had fun with friends that we have met through the past couple of years through facebook and other conferences.  forrest really enjoyed getting to know them better.  we were able to attend a great early steps playtime session with all kinds of fun things for the kiddos to do!  wyatt and forrest both had a great time...and they got to meet SPIDERMAN!!!   wyatt and spiderman played "chase" for a long time.....and spiderman even read a book to wyatt!  that was super fun!   i got some great ideas during that time for things to do with wyatt!   i'm so glad that we were able to enjoy all that the early steps ladies had worked so hard to prepare for our kiddos to do!  
wyatt loved spiderman!

cool dudes!
playing chase!
i'll blog more about other things i learned at the conference soon.....still recovering from the busy weekend!   needless to say, we did make it home, without ANYONE screaming!  yay!  we survived....

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