Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moving Ethan to College.....

  i got to ride with ethan for the trip to pensacola!
i am sitting in a hotel in pensacola, florida while my oldest son is setting up his room in pace hall on the campus of the university of west florida!   it seems like just yesterday that i gave birth to that 9 lb 3 oz baby boy!   where did the time go?   i won't write much, as to avoid the tears that are on the verge of here's a few pics!   
following tim and the younger boys.....

as i'm sitting waiting for ethan to pick up his id card, i see this cross hanging there, on his rear view mirror, and i'm reminded that ethan's personal relationship with Christ will carry him through the days to come, just as my relationship with Christ will carry me in the days to come as i adjust to life without ethan around 24/7......  i must cling to that truth, for the comfort and strength i will need.....
and there he id card in hand!
and so begins a new and exciting chapter in our lives......that's my boy man!

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