Thursday, August 11, 2011

Louisiana Comes To Florida!

it's been a crazy week!  i hate to go this long without blogging!  no time, lots of change in our lives, the list goes on and on!    we had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with fellow blogger, april narretto this past weekend.  they were vacationing on our lovely beaches, and we were able to spend Friday evening together!   you can follow their family adventures over at april’s blog, the narretto family. 

april and i were introduced through my friend cassie, and we were able to meet in real life a few weeks ago when the younger boys and i went over to louisiana for a long weekend!   she and her kiddos came over and spent the whole day and evening hanging out at with us!  it was great fun!  april’s son, William (Ds) really enjoyed forrest, and  they have 3 beautiful daughters as well!  

like many other moms of kiddos i have met, april and i had an immediate friendship!  she is a delightful, warm and caring lady, and an awesome mama!    i really enjoy spending time with april!   just wish she lived closer!   april is a tremendous encouragement to me, and she cuts to the important stuff, without tiptoeing through the “how are you?”  “i’m fine” kind of chit-chat!   she is very knowledgeable about lots of Ds related stuff, and i am blessed to call her my friend!   i just love her!  

we visited in their condo a bit, had an indoor picnic….no sand that way…..then headed over to the beach for some late evening beach time!   the sunset was nice, the beach was relatively empty, and it was a great time to sit and talk!   forrest, the girls and william swam and played in the sand, but wyatt mostly sat in our laps!   it was a fun (sandy) time!!!   


  1. Penny you are such a sweetheart, thank you for the kind words. It was so fun hanging out together last week. I hope your week is getting better and calming down a bit.

    I meant to call and tell you happy anniversary but you know I didnt....I was thinking about you all though:)Hope it was a great day for you both.
    This week has been crazy I may have to post next week about our trip once wiliam starts school....I will need something to keep my mind occupied.

    Oh and thank you for not taking pictures of my feet in the sand, lol
    thanks again my friend for coming to visit

  2. I'm jealous of your meet-ups this summer, Penny. You may not have made it to NDSC, but you've had more quality time than the rest of us. :-)

  3. Sounds like fun! I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting blogging friends! :)