Monday, August 22, 2011

Lighthouse Climbing....The Pensacola Lighthouse

pensacola lighthouse
during the process of taking ethan to college, there was a day between "move-in day" and the honors induction ceremony.  we were not certain if we should stay those days, or go home (120 miles) and return for the ceremony.  ethan suggested that we could do some touring around the areaon that extra day, particularly go see the pensacola lighthouse.  lighthouses are "my thing"....and ethan knows that, so i like choose to think that he made that suggestion just for ME!!! 

and so, after a CRAZY day of a huge wrong turn, late in the afternoon we eventually ended up at the pensacola lighthouse, which is located on the pensacola naval air station; home of the "blue angels," also known as the "cradle of naval aviation."  it's a beautiful base, and i was so happy to see that the lighthouse was OPEN when we arrived....on the few visits i had made there before, it had never been open! i was SO EXCITED!!!   ethan, of course, knew all this already...he'd done his research....

and they keep going, up and up and up.....
and so we got to CLIMB THE LIGHTHOUSE!!!!    woo-hoo!!!!    forrest had never climbed a lighthouse, and ethan had never climbed a tall one like this before!  

aw, the history....if these walls could talk....
177 steps to the top!!! and i had to climb BAREFOOTED because i had on flipflops!!
me and my older guys!  
an awesome shaddow!

a beautiful day and a beautiful view....
tim sat in the van while wyatt napped.....and then he and ethan climbed the lighthouse together as well!     i had not climbed a lighthouse in MANY years..... and my equilibrium is not quite what it used to be....but this reminded me of my great passion for these grand structures..... and what a blessing to share this passion with my boys.....   peace......

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  1. Remember that light house we went into in Maryland? It was short and squatty though, wasn't it? Glad you had fun.