Friday, April 2, 2010

Sometimes Reality Hits Harder Than Other Times...

i've had a couple of sad days this week. those days when reality hits. "drive by shooting days" are how i describe them...i can't remember who/where i got that know, days when life is going along and you might not have thought about down syndrome for a little while and then something happens that reminds you that your child has down syndrome; you're in holland now, and your life is forever changed. i know that wyatt has down syndrome; there are just some days when I don't focus on that because life goes on.... this week he seems to have his tongue sticking our more than usual; kind of deliberately, but it's there. everyone tells him to "put that tongue back in your mouth...." another will be harder for him than it is for our other sons. someone else blogged about this type of stuff this week as well, things i'd been thinking about. comparisons. we all do it. i don't want to, but it just happens. "this baby's rolling over a lot; this one's about to crawl, walk, etc.;" the list goes on. not that any of it matters. we just do it. we like to brag about our kids; it's natural! even today the mailman asked how old he is, commented on how cute he is and mentioned that his son was walking at this age...he didn't mean anything by it...he was very kind. today i saw someone else i hadn't seen for a while; told her we'd been in "seclusion" during wyatt's surgery. she asked why he had the open heart surgery; i told her about the holes, that he has down syndrome....she said "i know, i've seen him...he's very cute!" i'm always surprised when someone recognizes that he has down syndrome....he just looks so much like our other sons....
and then he babbles mamamama....and lifts his arms for me to pick him up...and lights up when he sees me....and loves me without conditions.....and it's all good....


  1. For me those comparison days are coming less and less often as Lily gets older. I probably have the advantage of not having any other children to compare Lily with. I 100% think they are normal to have. I try to remind myself to rejoice in the things Lily is doing. Hugs to you!

  2. Hugs from here too! Those days come but rest assured, you will walk through them and they will fade and go away as fast as they come. Know also that we all have those days and we are here to stand behind you and offer you strength to get through to the next day. You and your entire family is loved, even from afar.

    Several months ago a Mom told me her saying " It is what it is!" and I try to remember that as often as I need to.

    A peaceful Easter to you all Penny.

  3. I understand how you are feeling as I had a rough week last week. Things seemed to upset me more than they normally do because I got caught up in comparing Colin. There are always going to be the rough moments...but lots of more wonderful moments! Hugs!

  4. It's funny...I don't compare Eon to typical kids. It's like apples and oranges. BUT, show me a kid with Ds doing more than he is and I get a little crazy. Isn't that warped? I start to go down the "I'm not doing enough" path and worrying that he's behind his peers with Ds. Silly, momma!