Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is He Crawling Yet?

i took wyatt for his 9 month check up this morning. i haven't really experienced this too much before, but i guess it will be the "norm" from now on. there were other young kids in the waiting room, and of course someone asked "is he crawling yet?" "no, he had open heart surgery 9 weeks ago, and his arms are a little weak....we're working on it..." and another child comes in who is 2 weeks older than wyatt and she is starting to walk already....and he's not even crawling. i do get that at church with the older folks; and they know he has Down syndrome and ask anyway. do i say, "no, he has Down syndrome and will get there when he gets there..." do i even mention that he has Ds? some folks recognize it right away, while others are surprised when i've told them. hmm....just trying to figure out the best response.....

then i ran into a mom from our local Ds group who has a son older than wyatt. i needed to see her today! just being able to talk to her about that, and other related stuff, was helpful, encouraging. thanks, God, for letting our paths cross today!

no matter what wyatt does and doesn't do YET...... he DOES have the BEST HAIR! lol!


  1. I just say, "Not yet, but he'll get there." And he will.

  2. LOL! He does have the best hair, and the best mom, and... he will get there. I just create an atmosphere of love around River, and that seems to work real well for all those curious questioning eyes, at least at this age. :-) Kids always say silly stuff, and they usually seem to be welcoming to most other kids even if they are different. And adults that make dumb comments may need some education.:-)

  3. Do you know that Jay didn't walk till he was 15 months old? And David didn't until he was 18 months old???
    Maddy, on the other hand, walked at 9 months...and it DROVE me ROUND the BEND! Just smile and tell them how glad you are you can still keep up with where he is! :)
    Love you!!