Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Are The Truth: Ryan's Adoption

my friend kym is adopted and she let me know that today is adoption blogger day...she will be sharing her story, and i will be sharing another story....ryan's adoption story, from my point of view.... i'm sure all the details are not exactly accurate....but i'll do my best from how i remember his story.....

one of my very best friends, susan, and her husband scott, have infertility problems. after a number of ivf attempts they were able to conceive bryce (who is one of my forrest's best friends!). they did not feel that their family was complete, and after a time attempted other ivf cycles which were unsuccessful. they had determined that the last time would be the last attempt, and of course we were all so disappointed that it was not successful. God had another plan...He was already at work and their baby to be was actually conceived about the same time as their last unsuccessful cycle.... but i'm jumping ahead of the story...

after much thought and prayer, they decided adoption was the next route they would pursue, and chose private adoption with a local attorney. shortly after putting together their "family book," which is used to introduce them to prospective moms, they received a phone call that a mom had chosen them... and the baby was due within just a couple of months; around the time that their own birth baby would have been born had that last ivf cycle been successful! wow! God is a God of details, isn't He? we were so excited! and another boy! yay!

susan and scott had travelled home to texas for Christmas and were on their way back to florida in early january when they received the phone call that their birth mom might be in labor, a little earlier than they had anticipated. susan called me with the news, anxious to get home as quickly as possible. as they continued their travelling, they received news that their baby would definitely be born before they made it home. i offered to go to the hospital to be with her until they could get there. they decided that would be a good idea. so i went....

the baby was already born, i believe by c-section, and was in nicu by the time i arrived. his birth mom was already out of recovery in her room. the attorney's assistant took me to her and introduced us, and i stayed with her. her name is heather, and she seemed grateful that i was there. her mom and sister had dropped her off at the hospital and left her alone to have the baby. that would be a very lonely feeling, wouldn't it? i was so glad that God allowed me to be there with her, to talk to her, get to know her a little, but mainly to reassure her that this precious baby that she had given birth to would have wonderful parents, a great big brother, loving and involved extended family and friends who would love him unconditionally. i assured her he would be raised to know the love of God by parents who were wholeheartedly devoted to Him. he would be raised in a Christian home, just as she had wanted. i did my best to share with her the love of God, and reassure her that she was making the right choice in choosing scott and susan to be her baby's parents. she never indicated any doubt....i'm so glad that i could tell her about them, about all of us who would love and help raise the baby she had given birth to. what a blessing i was given....

scott and susan arrived as quickly as they could, anxious to meet heather and their new baby. what an exciting yet nerve-wracking time! i think you're always fearful that the birth mom might change her mind until she actually signs those papers.... again, i never saw any doubt in heather.... scott and susan were the only ones who could see their baby besides heather. they took pictures to share with us. he was very tiny but oh so cute! precious! what a wonderful night that was.... they had discussed names all the way home from texas...(after they told bryce that he was about to become a big brother!) and had settled on the name dean....a very cute name. but not this baby's name. susan and scott came to have a big breakfast with us the next morning before returning to the hospital; bryce had spent the night with us, and as we sat around the table, scott told us that he was undecided about "dean;" he had either dreamed or thought all night about a little drinking and smoking dean martin....i was so relieved because i had the same thoughts! hilarious! and so their second choice was ryan....and that's his name...he is definitely a ryan!

they spent as much time at the hospital as they could, with ryan in nicu. because it was cold and flu season, no one else was allowed to visit except parents and grandparents....except susan snuck me in for a few minutes until they kicked me out... he was soooooo tiny and adorable....we were all in love with him! and still are! i was able to see heather once again, and gave her a Bible and a couple of other things that our friends had put together for her. it was and is our prayer that she will come to know Christ as her personal Savior...

we are so blessed to have ryan in our "family".....he is a very active little boy (ALL BOY!); so kind and loving, bright and inquisitive, affectionate and outgoing, sweet and caring...JOYFUL is a great word to describe ryan...and he's very energetic...another great attribute of ryan is that i don't think he ever meets a stranger! what a great quality! he continuously makes us laugh...that's just the way he is....and you rarely see ryan without getting a hug! we just celebrated his 6th birthday this past january, and he was surrounded by family and friends who love him!

ryan...your birth mommy loved you so very much! she knew just how precious you are, and wanted only the best for you. she did not believe that she could give you the family that she wanted you to have, thought you deserved. that's why she blessed your mommy and daddy with the precious gift of you! i'm so glad that i met her and could tell her all about what a wonderful life you would have with your mom, dad, big brother, extended family and friends. the life you have now! assured that ryan is a wonderful very loved....a joy to be around! he loves people and is greatly loved by so many....his parents love him and are so very thankful that you chose life for him...and chose the best life that you thought you could give gave him a family.....and we are all so blessed by this precious boy....ryan


  1. I had no idea Ryan was adopted. Thanks for posting Penny!

  2. Wonderful thought Penny! You also made my eye's sweat! Appreciate your story. Scott

  3. Okay, I was doing great until the last two paragraphs! Now I'm crying!! :) Thanks for sharing, Penny. I had no idea you met Ryan's birth mom. How neat!

  4. Beautiful post, what an incredible journey to be a part of.

    Happy late birthday Ryan :)

  5. What a joy it is to be a part of God's plan for a child! I love Ryan, Susan and I love you! Thanks for posting! :)