Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little About Ethan

today is ethan's birthday. my firstborn. there's something kind of different about your relationship with your firstborn, don't you think? especially a mother and son ..... it's hard to explain... it's kind of like i "grew up" with ethan.....changed from young woman to young mother...which brings so very many life changes!

your firstborn are the "guinea pigs" of your parenting. you try different ideas and parenting techniques with them, trying to figure out which one works. you worry about every little thing they do; every sniffle and fever.... so many trips to the doctors and late night phone calls!

ethan was our only child for 8 years. he was a busy little guy...people find that hard to believe now! he was constantly into things...we weren't sure we could handle another child with him... but then we decided we could! being our only child for so long made ethan grow up faster; he's always been like a "little adult." included in most everything we did, he was always with us.

ethan now is quiet and introspective, much like his dad! he is a faithful friend, and he loves God wholeheartedly, for which i am so thankful! he studies the Bible and apologetics, and is a great defender of the truth of Scripture. he is smart and funny, and has a beautiful smile. he is also an excellent student and has never given us any trouble.....ever......really. we are so very proud of the young man that he has become. i love to sit and talk with ethan, he never ceases to amaze me! it's so awesome to hear how God is at work in his life. i even watch his crime scene shows with him.....and there are many!

we know that God has great plans for ethan, and are excited to see him follow those plans! he has been focused on forensics, anthropology and archaeology for some time now; it is his goal to pursue a degree(s) in those fields of study. we are praying for wisdom and discernment as he continues to seek God's direction for his life.....

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Ethan! Your first-born sounds so much like my Sydney.. :)

    I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday watching your son and enjoying all that God is turning him into.

    Penny, I have tagged you for a couple of awards that I think are so very deserving. I wanted to say thank you for your thoughts and writings, your honesty, and pushing past your "fear" of becoming a blogger. Love your blog and I love you.