Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our First Baby's Birth....

as i'm writing this, i can remember how excited and anxious we were for our first baby's arrival 17 years ago. our first baby, the baby we had waited a long time to decide to have! we had been married 4 years when we finally felt ready as you ever feel! we had chosen not to find out the sex of the baby, so we were anxious to meet our little "elise noel" or "ethan mauldin" putman. we had painted the room mint green (this was 1993), and we had applied a beautiful pastel "bears on picnic" border. a friend had helped me sew the bedding; green, and i had handsewn a quilt for the baby bed.

our first child. we would welcome this baby into the first home we had bought only the year before in lake city, florida! i had a cold, or maybe springtime allergies, and my mom had driven over from panama city to help me get the house in order because i didn't feel good. after getting the house cleaned up and laundry done, we decided to drive down to gainesville, a 45 minute drive, to do a little shopping.....a love we both share! we walked the mall, and walked and walked......we were ready for that baby to arrive! i was having small contractions, probably braxton hicks, but we called my doctor's office there in gainesville to be checked out before we got back on the interstate. we called tim, who was at work in they monitored me for a while and decided that i was probably in early labor; enough that they did not want to send me back home.

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