Friday, April 1, 2011


praising God this morning with the HOOK family....the same russian judge who denied the adoption of KIRILL last week approved their adoption of EVAN!!!!   SHE SAID YES!!!! 
the hook family with EVAN!!!!
praying that this will open the doors for adoptions in that region! also continuing to pray for the MORENO family as they await a court date with that same judge for their adoption hearing for BABY J! and praying that the same judge will reverse her decision to deny the DAVIS family's adoption of KIRILL!!!!!
tesney and kirill
if you get tired of my endless advocating for these children who need homes, please understand that it just breaks my heart that these children with Down syndrome are transferred to mental institutions around the age of 5.   NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THAT!!!!   in america we have countless families who are waiting to adopt children with Ds born in the united states.   but in those eastern european countries, that is not the case.   please continue to pray with me that these children, who are JUST AS PRECIOUS AS OUR WYATT, will be allowed to be adopted and be united with their forever families....


  1. i will never get fed up of you posting about these kids!! gorgeous photo of Wyatt!