Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Friends....On Facebook and In Real Life!

this past weekend the little boys and i drove over to spend the weekend with the older guys!   in case you didn't know, my hubby tim and our oldest, ethan are now sharing an apartment in pensacola.  tim accepted a new position there in december, and ethan is in college there!   we are in the process of selling our home and all moving over there this summer!  we've been mighty busy around here!

a highlight of our weekend was getting to meet and spend some time with some of my facebook friends who have children with Down syndrome as well.   friday night we were able to have dinner in pace with the wallis family.  we ate at one of their favorite restaurants, la hacienda, which is sure to become one of our favorites as well!   anna, paul and grace met us there and we had a wonderful time visiting and getting to know one another.  anna had found my blog several months back, and we started getting to know each other through our blogs; visit hers here, and facebook.   anna and paul adopted grace from equador about a year ago, when she was 5!  she is completely adorable, and has the most beautiful eyes!   AND she did NOT want me to eat the chips in the basket!   she was quite adamant about it!   and cute as can be!   i am thankful that the Lord has blessed us with new friends who love and serve Him in the same aread we are moving to!  they are strongly encouraging us to live in pace....they love it there!   after today's news report on florida school rankings, i strongly suspect we will be moving there!   the santa rosa school district is ranked #2 in the state, as opposed to the escambia school district being #44! 
we were delayed by fog from coming home on sunday as we had planned, and my facebook friend, patti, suggested i stop by crestview for a quick visit on our way home.  so glad she suggested it!  the boys and i met patty and her precious marissa at burger king and had a wonderful visit!  the kids had fun in the playplace, and were so cute together!!!  patti and i actually met last year at our buddy walk, but we did not realize at the time that we were already facebook friends!   so it was neat to see them again!   marissa is recovering from her tonsilectomy, and is now doing great!  she has an infectious smile that melts your heart!   we had fun sharing our Ds "stories" and getting to know each other better.   glad that we will be closer to each other when we get moved over as well!    be sure to come back tomorrow to see more pics of wyatt and marissa!   such cutie pies for wordless wednesday!   you can find patti's family blog here!

i know i say this all the time, but wyatt's Down syndrome has brought so many wonderful people into our lives that we would never have met!   we have been so blessed to meet folks in our Ds community who encourage us as well as who share our Christian faith!   blessings....


  1. oooh, they say the camera adds ten pounds. Eesh. Oh well. It was a blast and I cant wait to get to know your beautiful family. There is an awesome park that we can go to next time you head this way, maybe for a picnic?

  2. You got to meet ANNA?!? I am so jealous! She is a woman of wisdom and I really admire her. :)

  3. I love the Wallis Family!! How cool that you guys got to meet up! :-)