Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday...... Transplant Worthy??? YOU BET!!!

just thought i'd post some pics of wyatt's friends ..... beautiful children who might be denied the ability to have a transplant (if need be) according to some medical institutions.....

one of wyatt's louisiana buds, william

wyatt and one of his (many) girlfriends, brennan
wyatt's best friend, clayton

wyatt's california buddy

cool dude new yorker grady
sweet georgia girl kate

another one of wyatt's louisiana buddies, remney


  1. so sweet to see my william and Wyatt's other friends...this is still making me sick to think about. I hope you all are doing well. Lost your # in my old cell can you send it to me sometime?

  2. you already know my thoughts on this topic. I am sick and livid. I am angry with this doctor. . . the one and only person who makes the recommendation to the team. I am praying so hard that the transplant teams sees past the disability, but rather sees a wonderful quality of life and goes against this doctor's recommendation. It isn't over yet, we have to keep fighting and spreading awareness. All lives are worthy!

  3. Aren't our kiddo's so perfect, each one!!! I hate that there is so much ugly in the world against people who are so innocent. Breaks my heart, and makes me long for Jesus swift return.